Interpretation, Presentation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage

For this end;

To work for the conservation and sustainability of the cultural and natural heritage of our country in cooperation with the public as well as national and international institutions

  1. To provide scientific consultancy services for the conservation (site management, planning, project preperation, implementation and management) of cultural heritage sites (archeological, urban/urban-rural and historical, etc.), to develop conservation proposals, establish standards, and inform relevant institutions and local authorities about these subjects; to facilitate the organisation and collaboration betwen institutions and relevant scientific dissciplines,
  2. To develop projects on the documentation and archiving of cultural heritage and to work towards forming a holistic inventory of the cultural heritage in our country,
  3. To generate financial resources for the conservation of cultural heritage and to Access existing resources (funds, grants, etc.)
  4. Tos hare our proffessional knowledge with local authorities, private practitioners and members of other relevant sectors, through courses, seminars, site visits, etc, on the methods and approaches of conservation, thus enabling platforms for dicussion and Exchange of information,
  5. To organize activities and to prepare publications (brochures, guidebooks, edcational sets, etc) for raising awareness of cultural heritage protection among all segments of the general public,
  6. To engage in social, cultural and economic activities for protecting the proffessional rights of conservation and restoration specialists,
  7. To facilitate the transition of stıdents to proffessional life through interacting with institutions providing education on conservation and restoration,
  8. To develop projects in collaboration with national or international educational groups, to provide vocational training for he public institutions and local authorities,
  9. To work with relevant governmental institutions so as to ensure that the principals of conservation are taken into consideration during the tender and contract procedures and technical specifications of conservation and restoration projects.

Working Principals

The association targets the development of society in terms of respecting their cultural heritage as a reflection of their past and identity and acknowledging that their conservation is to the benefit of the public at large, by increasing awareness in public, in cooperation with specialist association members, dedicated volunteers and other organisations carrying the same mission both within the country and abroad.

Members and Terms of Membership

Members of our association are mostly academicians, architects or civil servants in various institutions on rhe conservation of the cultural heritage.

Architects who are specialists in conservation and other applicants who are approved by the Executive Committee can become members of KORDER, on the condition tha they are eligible according to Associations Law, that they support the aims and principles of the association and that they are committed to work for that aim.

Conditions of membership;

  1. Reporting a request of membership to the Executive Committee by filling out the application form,
  2. Paying the annual fee determined by the Executive Committee
  3. Assuring to participate in the activities and act according to the association aims.

The Executive Committee decides on the applications in 30 days and informs the applicant by letter.

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